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Accredited by the International Accreditation Council for 业务 Education (IACBE), Davenport’s business college offers associate business degrees, 商业学士学位, master of business degrees as well as certificates. Take business classes Online+, earn an 在线MBA and so much more through 达文波特全球校区. You can also pursue degrees in business on one of our 7校园 在密歇根.


达文波特商学院提供的所有商科学位均由IACBE认证. The business college also has specialized accreditation f或者一个ccounting. 不管你是否在追求 在线MBA, a 商业管理学位 或者一个 会计学位, 选择达文波特iacbe认证的商学院意味着你选择了一所遵循卓越原则和商业教育最佳实践的商学院. 


在大学攻读商科学位 唐纳德W. 缅因商学院, Davenport’s newest building on the W.A. Lettinga校园. Designed to be similar to corporate office space, 商学院的教室布置独特,专为学习和生产力而设计. Experience private study rooms with televisions and comfortable furniture. The business college is also home to an atrium and the HUB, a quick-serve cafe with coffee brewed to order, smoothies and a variety of grab-and-go foods. 


通过由行业专家领导的商学院,为商业生涯做好准备. Davenport’s degrees in business feature real-world scenarios, 交互式教室和模拟真实商业环境的可移动工作站. Through the business college’s intentionally small class sizes, 无论您是攻读商学学士学位,您都将获得个性化的关注和与教授一对一的交流时间, 商业硕士学位, 或者一个ny of Davenport’s other business degrees or certificates. 

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达文波特的iacbe认证的商学院重视你的商业生涯,并将帮助你把这种经验转化为大学学分,尽可能地节省你的时间和金钱. Take classes for your degree in business full time or part time, 在线点播, RTV或校园直播. 有六个开始日期,你可以在你方便的时候开始你的商业学位——不是7003全讯白菜首页的. No GRE or GMAT required for the 在线MBA or other master of business degree.


唐纳德·W. 缅因商学院, 通过创新, continuous improvement and quality initiatives, will enhance its reputation as a global leader in business education.

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看看达文波特iacbe认证的商学院提供的许多证书和学位. If you have questions about Davenport’s degrees in business, please call us at 800.686.1600 或电邮至


Learn the systematic process of identifying, 组织, 记录, 解释, 达文波特通过iacbe认证的会计学位来衡量和交流财务信息. 通过达文波特的会计证书或学位,帮助个人和企业有效地管理他们的财务信息,从而实现财务上的成功. And since accountants are needed in every industry, 你将为在商业和会计领域取得长期成功做好准备. 


Behind every successful business stands skilled, 聪明的, empowering leaders - or "administrators." These individuals don't become skilled overnight; they are shaped into incredible leaders through their education and experiences. 那些学习工商管理的人是在为成为这些领导者而投资——他们在学习管理和经营企业的艺术,以及在那里工作的人.


通过达文波特的金融学位,学习投资过程的来龙去脉,成为获得和分配资金的专家,帮助组织变得更有利可图. You’ll prepare for careers in business managing substantial amounts of money, especially for large companies and government entities. By earning your degree in finance through our IACBE-accredited business college, 你会发展成为一个金融知识丰富的领导者,并为自己在商业生涯中的成功定位. 


Oversee the hiring of new employees, 通过达文波特商学院提供的人力资源项目,帮助员工确立职业发展方向,管理员工福利. 7003全讯白菜首页的iacbe认证的商科学位将为您作为人力资源官员的商业生涯做好准备. Through our HR-focused degrees in business, 你将学会倾听员工的担忧,并说出公司可以做出的改变,为员工创造一个更健康、更快乐的地方.

操作 & 供应链管理

In an effort to position our graduates for successful careers, Davenport is enhancing the Industrial Production 管理 degree program. 从2023年秋天开始, 工业生产管理(IPM)学位将成为运营和供应链管理(OSCM). 目前在IPM注册的学生可以继续学习并获得IPM学位,也可以选择过渡到新的OSCM. 希望在2023年秋季学期开始课程的学生现在可以申请运营和供应链管理课程. 

Through the operations and supply chain management degree, you can ready yourself to tackle supply chain constraints with ease. The program will prepare you to drive change in the supply chain, uncover opportunities and implement change through data analytics, 了解人工智能和机器学习等前沿技术,以影响供应链的每一步. You will be poised to oversee the daily operations of manufacturing, 仓库, 和存储, 物料管理, 以及坐标, 计划, and direct the activities involved in sourcing, 采购, and development of functions used to produce a wide range of goods, 比如汽车, computer equipment or consumer products.


通过达文波特的管理为重点的商业学位在多个领域的商业生涯做准备. Learn to efficiently manage resources, organize and coordinate projects and effectively communicate with others. 通过7003全讯白菜首页iacbe认证的商学院获得适用于每个行业的管理技能,进入商业世界或推进您的商业生涯.


学习如何通过达文波特的营销为重点的商业学位有效地接触消费者,以产生对产品和服务的兴趣. Offered through our IACBE-accredited business college, 达文波特的Marketing学位可以导致从战略和分析到设计的不同领域的商业营销职业生涯. With an array of career paths and a consistent need for quality marketers, your degree in Marketing can lead you to long-term, 高薪的商业生涯. 


通过达文波特的体育管理工商管理学士学位,为以体育为重点的商业职业做准备. Delivered through our IACBE-accredited business college, 7003全讯白菜首页的体育管理工商管理学士学位是密歇根仅有的两个和世界上32个由体育管理认证委员会(COSMA)认证的学位之一。. 通过这个BBA, you’ll gain business skills in accounting, Marketing, IT和7003全讯白菜的东西将帮助你在开始你的商业生涯时脱颖而出.


Prepare f或者一个 career in business analytics. 了解如何通过帮助企业对数据集进行排序来确定趋势和建立关系,从而做出更好的业务决策. Gain hands-on experiences in the classroom, such as conducting data mining projects, 生成数据可视化产品,构建数据仪表板和自动化报告.